» Biography

He was born on 03/03/1967 in Edirne. He completed his primary and secondary education in 
Edirne. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics,
Electronics and Communication Engineering, Tüküç worked as an engineer at Tekstiplik A.Ş.
for about a year and started working at Edirne PTT Headquarters in 1989.
During the privatization process of Türk Telekom, he continued his working life at
Türk Telekomünikasyan A.Ş. and worked at various levels. As of December 2010,
he transferred to Trakya University and served as the School Secretary at Tunca Vocational
School, which provides distance education, until 25/03/2019. He currently serves as the
Head of Student Affairs Department at Trakya University Rectorate. He is married and has
two children.

» Educational Qualifications

» Academic and Administrative Positions