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Sela Can DÖKMECİ born in Ankara 1988. He passed the Trakya University State Conservatory exams in 2005/2006 education year. After that he began to study his professional musical career in the Double Bass art branch with Aminbay SAPAYEV. He attended “Master Class” studies with Dokuz Eylül State Conservatory Professor Tahir SÜMER in the last quarter of the same year. He joined Trakya University Balkan Symphony Orchestra in 2006/2007 education year. Until this time, he performed in Turkey and abroad. In 2006, he qualified for Germany and European Union project “Young Philharmonic Orchestra” which attendees were 5 different countries musicians. With this orchestra he performed in Germany and Switzerland. In 2008/2009 education year, he accepted to Ankara Hacettepe State Conservatory through domestic student exchange programs.  In Hacettepe he studied Double Bass with Alper MÜFETTİŞOĞLU and Assoc. Prof. Burak KARAAĞAÇ, Orchestra with Prof. Erol ERDİNÇ and took lessons from Presidential Symphony Orchestra Conductor Selim ÖĞÜT about chamber music. He performed with Hacettepe Symphonic Orchestra and Hacettepe Chamber Orchestra as principal double bass.  He graduated from Trakya University State Conservatory Double Bass branch in the same year. He qualified for Trakya University Institute of Social Sciences Musical Art Major master’s degree in 2009/2010 education year.  He began working as a contracted music teacher in Trakya University Faculty of Education in the same year. He began teaching double bass in Trakya University after passing Trakya University State Conservatory Contracted Instructor exams in 2010/2011 education year.  He graduated from master’s degree in 2011/2012 education year.  In 2013, he joined Trakya University Institute of Social Sciences Musical Art Major Proficiency in Art with a first.  He won the third place in Edirne Mimar Sinan Rotary Club’s “Young Musicians Chamber Music Contest” in March 2014. He graduated from Proficiency in Art in September 2018. He got invited as a guest performer in Bursa Symphonic Orchestra in the same year.  He is still performing solo, chamber music and orchestra while working as an instructor in Trakya University State Conservatory.

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International Articles

  • An Investigation on Classic Music and Violin Family Instruments in the Ottoman Empire / RAST MÜZİKOLOJİ DERGİSİ (July 2021)
  • Technical Examination of Domenico Dragonetti’s La Major Double Bass Concerto / Trakya University Journal of Social Science (January 2019)

National Books and Book Chapters

  • The Development of Instrument Making and Luthiers in Turkey / Social Science Researches III (March 2021)

Editorial Positions

  • Balkan Music and Art Journal (April 2019)
  • Violin Alphabet (June 2018)


  • 7. Caspi Art International Art Competition 1st Place (July 2019)
  • Edirne Mimar Sinan Rotary Club 17th International Young Musicians Chamber Music Competition 3rd prize (March 2014)