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Nurcan Özkan was born in Edirne. She completed his university education at Trakya University Biology Department and her master's and doctorate at Trakya University Institute of Science in Zoology and Limnology. After graduation, she worked as a Biology Teacher at Ayaş High School (Ankara), Demirköy Secondary School, Melahat Kilimci High School and Edirne High School, which are affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Later, she started working as a faculty member at Trakya University Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Department of Science Education. She continues her academic studies on limnology, environment and education.

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  • Özkan N. (2019). New Trends in Education. Editor: Hikmet Asutay, Sevinç Sakarya Maden, Muhlise Coşkun Ögeyik; Investigation of Wastewater and Wastewater Treatment Plants of Some Factories in Thrace Region, 202-211. Trakya University Publication Number: 217, ISBN (Publication) Id: 978-975-374-245-0, EDİRNE. (October 2019)
  • Özkan N. (2017). "Environmental Education". Editor: Prof. Dr. Hikmet Asutay; Balkan Educational Research 2017, 485-497. University of Trakya, ISBN: 978-975-374-213-9. EDİRNE (November 2017)

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  • Özkan N. (2020). Biology 3. Chapter 9, Biological Evolution, Emergence of Living Species, Theories and Modern Synthesis, Editors: Prof. Dr. Cansu Filik İşçen & Prof. Dr. Osman Gülnaz; Lisans Publishing, ISBN: 978-605-9498-88-3, 291-324, İSTANBUL. (January 2020)
  • Özkan N. (2018). Special Topics in Biology, Chapter 19, Evolution. Editor: Prof. Dr. Gülay Ekici; , Paradigm Academy Publications- Academic Books; ISBN: 978-605-2292-49-5, 649-695, İSTANBUL. (September 2018)
  • Özkan N. (2016). Evolution. Chapter 2: Biological Evolution (Emergence of Species, Theories and Modern Synthesis. Editors: Prof. Dr. Cansu Filik İşçen & Prof. Dr. Lütfullah Türkmen; Undergraduate Publishing, ISBN: 978-605-5044-81-7, 33-61, İSTANBUL. (September 2016)

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