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International Articles

  • “Positive agenda for Turkey-European Union relations: What will it bring or what will it take?”
  • "The Model of Area Management in Protection of Historical City Centers and Responsibility of Local Government:Turkish Case"
  • “The Transfrontier co-Operations Between Municipalities and Municipalities Union of Balkan Countries”
  • “e-Government: Opportunities and Restraints –General Perspective of e-Government in Turkey-”
  • “New Urban Poverty As A Social Responsibility Field And Municipalities”
  • “The Environmental Sensibility of Municipalities in Thrace Region”

International Conferences and Symposiums

  • “Libya and The EU: Two Sides to the Story”
  • "The Efficiency and Functionality of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Developing Countries: Turkish Case"
  • "The Europeanisation of Turkish Public Administration: Critique of the Reform Process"
  • "Administrative Risks of ICT's:Flashmob and Beyond"
  • "New Generation in E-Municipality: Mobile Municipality"
  • “Europeanization of Public Administration”
  • “Barriers of Free Movement of Knowledge and ICANN”
  • “Good Governance for Turkey in the Process of EU Accession”, International Aid and Public Administration”
  • “Governing Sustainable Cities: A Roadmap for Turkey from the Multilevel Governance Approach Perspective”
  • “The Transformation of Local Information and Role of e- Government in Turkey in the Context of Participation”
  • “The New Urban Poverty in Turkey”
  • “The Necessity and Importance of Reform in the Administrative System”
  • “The Protection of the Consumer in Turkey in the view of Law and the Politics of Adaptation to EU”
  • “The Effects of Civil Society and Society Organizations on Turkish Civil Society Organizations”

National Articles

  • “Blowing the Whistle in a Hospital”