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SCI-SSCI or SCI Expanded Articles

  • GECGEL,Ü., YILMAZ,İ., SOYSAL,Mİ., GÜRCAN,EK., KÖK, S. 2018. Proximate composition and fatty acid profile of Longissimus dorsi from Anatolian Water Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) raised in similar conditions. Food Science and Technology. doi.org/10.1590/fst.08918 (December 2018)
  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S., 2018, “The Use of Various SNPs in CAST and CAPN1 Genes to Determine the Meat Tenderness in Turkish Grey Cattle” Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg, 24 (1): 1-8, 2018 DOI: 10.9775/kvfd.2017.17617 (January 2018)
  • KÖK,S., 2017, “Comparison of Genetic Diversity between the Ex-Situ Conservation Herd and Smallholders of Turkish Grey Cattle” Pakistan J. Zool., vol. 49(4), pp 1421-1427 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17582/journal.pjz/2017.49.4.1421.1427 (July 2017)
  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S., EKEN,H.S., SAVAŞCI,M., 2017,"The Genetic Characterization of Turkish Grey Cattle with Regard to UoG Cast, CAPN1 316 and CAPN1 4751 Markers"Pakistan J. Zool., vol. 49(1), pp 281-287, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17582/journal.pjz/2017. (January 2017)
  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,A., SAVAŞCI,M., EKEN,H.S., 2013, “Characterization of Calpastatin Gene in Purebred and Crossbred Turkish Grey Steppe Cattle” Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg, 19 (2): 203-206, DOI: 10.9775/kvfd.2012.7470 (February 2013)
  • SOYSAL,M.İ., ÖZKAN,E., KÖK,S., OCCİDENTE, M., TUNA,Y.T., GÜRCAN,E.K., MATASSİNO, D. , 2007, “ Genetic characterization of indigenous anatolian water buffalo breed using microsatellite DNA markers” Ital.J.Anim.Sci. vol. 6(2): 409-412, ISSN 1594-4077 DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2007.s2.409, https://doi.org/10.4081/ijas.2007.s2.409 (February 2007)
  • SOYSAL,M.İ.,TUNA,Y.T., GÜRCAN,E.K., ÖZKAN,E., KÖK,S., CASTELLANO,N., ÇOBANOĞLU,O., BARONE, C.M.A., 2007,“ Anatolian water buffaloes husbandry in Turkey: preliminary results on somatic characterization” Ital.J.Anim.Sci., 6(2): 1302-1307, ISSN 1594-4077, DOI:10.4081/ijas.2007.s2.1302, https://doi.org/10.4081/ijas.2007.s2.1302 (February 2007)

International Articles

  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S.,2018. ArticleDetermination of the Fraud of Processed Meat Products by ELISA. Lalahan Hay. Araşt. Enst. Derg. 2018, 58 (2) 95-98 (December 2018)
  • KÖK,S., VAPUR,G., ÖZCAN,C. Leptin (Lep) Gene Polymorphisms Associated With Fat Deposition In Beef. TURKISH JOURNAL of AGRICULTURAL and NATURAL SCIENCES 2(4): 297–302 (October 2015)
  • KÖK,S., 2014, “Keşan Satiret, One Of Turkey’s Geographical Indications” Turkish Journal of Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Special Issue (2), 2014 Pp. 2021-2027 (December 2014)
  • SOYSAL,M.İ., GÜRCAN,E.K., KÖK,S.,2005 “A study of the distribution of potassium polymorphizm ın erythrocytes of grey cattle raised ın the Edirne province of Terkey” Trakıa Journal Of Sciences. Scientific Serial Published by Trakıa University Series Biomedical Sciences. Volume 3, Number 6, 2005. ISSN 1312-1723.STARA ZAGORA-BULGARİA. (December 2005)

International Conference Proceedings

  • KÖK, S., KAPLAN, S., ATALAY, S., 2019. “Determination of Genetic Characterization of CAPN1 Gene Exon-1 and -2 and Intron-1 Regions of Anatolian Water Buffalo” 12th World Buffalo Congress. 18-20 Septmber, İstanbul/Turkey. Congress Book of Abstract, p 25. (September 2019)
  • KÖK, S., VAPUR, G., 2019. Investigation of the effects of the markers in LEP gene 2nd exon (E2JW, E2FB) and TG gene 5' promoter region (TG5) on meat texture, pH and marbling score of Turkish holstein cattle in Edirne region. Biological and Chemical Sciences 2nd International Eurasia Conference, 28-29 June Ankara, Turkey, Congress book page 873, e-proceedings 494 . (June 2019)
  • VAPUR, G., KÖK, S., 2019. Investigation of the effects of the markers in LEP gene 2nd exon (E2JW, E2FB) and TG gene 5' promoter region (TG5) on meat color and pH of Turkish Holstein cattle in Edirne region. Biological and Chemical Sciences 2nd International Eurasia Conference, 28-29 June Ankara, Turkey, Congress book page 873, e-proceedings 495. (June 2019)
  • KÖK, S., VAPUR, G., 2018. “Leptin Gene (E2JW, E2FB) and Tyroglobulin Gene (C422T) polymorphisms in Turkish Holstein Cattle” International Agricultural, Biological & Life Science Conference, 2 – 5 September, p 786, Edirne, Turkey, Pp 810. (September 2018)
  • KÖK S., ATALAY S., 2018. “Investigation of genetic markers associated with resistance to infectious diseases in cattle” International Agricultural, Biological & Life Science Conference, 2 – 5 September, p 353, Edirne, Turkey, Pp 810. (September 2018)
  • KÖK S., ATALAY S. 2018. “Genetic markers associated with canine hip dysplasia” International Agricultural, Biological & Life Science Conference, 2 – 5 September, pp 358-543, Edirne, Turkey, Pp 810. (September 2018)
  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S., 2017 “GH1 Gene Polymorphisms Associated Economic Traits In Cattle” 2nd International Balkan Agriculture Congress, pg 777-782, 16-18 May 2017, Tekirdağ, ISBN : 978-605-4265-49-7, http://agribalkan2017.nku.edu.tr/ and http://ziraat-en.nku.edu.tr/ (May 2017)
  • Kök, S. , M. İ. Soysal & E. K. Gürcan, 2011, “An Investigation on the Carcass Percentage of Anatolian Grey Breed in Raised Edirne Province”. RBI 8th Global Conference on the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources.Tekirdag / Turkıye, 4-8 October ,2011 (October 2011)
  • SOYSAL,M.İ.,KÖK,S.,2006, “ Native goat genetic resourches and goat farming in Trakya region of Turkıye : a case study of characterization of Keşan goat populatıon Breeding,management and zoometric data.”Goat Farming in Central And Eastern European Countries: Present And Future. 27-30 June 2006.Ovidıus University. CONSTANTA- ROMANİA (May 2006)
  • SOYSAL,M.İ.,KÖK,S.,2006, “The last survivors of grey cattle’s whose resisting not to be extincted.A case study of chracteristics and sustainability of tradional system of native grey cattle breed”.2nd Seminar of the scientific-Professional Network on Mediterranean Livestock Farming.Mediterranean Livestock Production: Uncertainties and Opportunities. Pg:55-63, ZARAGOZA,18-20 May 2006-SPAİN http://ressources.ciheam.org/om/pdf/a78/00800242.pdf (May 2006)
  • SOYSAL,M.İ.,KÖK,S.,2004. “Buffalo breeding in Turkey”. Proc. of the Seventh World Buffalo Congress, Manila, Philippines, 20 to 23 Oct.: 547-548 (October 2004)

International Conferences and Symposiums

  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S., 2017 “Association Between Ghrh, Ghr Genes Polymorphisms and Growth in Cattle”. 8th Balkan Animal Science Conference, 06-08 September 2017, pg.26, ISBN: 9786054265473 (September 2017)
  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S., 2016 “In ghrelin gene of cattle has been determined of rs 110968631 SNP with usage of ARMS-PCR and PCR-RFLP methods” Bıoeng'16 IV. Internatıonal Bıoengıneerıng Conference, 13-14 October 2016, İstanbul, pg 43 (October 2016)
  • KÖK,S., ATALAY,S., ÇOBANOĞLU,Ö., BALCI,F., GÜRCAN,E.K., SOYSAL,M.İ., 2015, "A Discussion on the buffalo genome; Example of Growth Hormone Gene" 8th Asian Buffalo Congress, 21st - 25th April 2015, pg.92 (April 2015)
  • Kök, S. 2014, The Satir Et of Keşan From Geographical Indications of Turkey. Proc. of Balkan Agricultural Congress. 08-11 September. Edirne, Turkey. 551. (October 2014)
  • Mİ.Soysal, YT.Tuna, S.Kök, EK.Gürcan "Body Type Evaluation in Water Buffalo: A Model Study for Anotalian Water Buffalo" VIth International Balkan Animal Conference- BALNIMALCON 2013 - Turkey (October 2013)
  • S.Kök, Ö.Çobanoğlu, EK.Gürcan, Mİ.Soysal "The Association between Calpain and Calpastatin Gene Polymorphism and Meat Tenderness in Beef Cattle" VIth International Balkan Animal Conference - BALNIMALCON 2013 - Turkey (October 2013)

National Articles

  • 6. SOYSAL,M.İ.,KÖK,S.,1993,”Study on the characteristics of Grey Steppe cattle reared in the Keșan-İpsala and Enez regions.” Journal of Tekirdağ Agricultural Faculty, 2, 1, pp 133-139

National Conference Proceedings

  • Kök S., S. Atalay, HS. Eken, M. Savaşçı "Discussion of Inbreeding Coefficients in The Herds of Turkish Grey Cattle" NATIONAL CONGRESS OF AGRICULTURE 2015, 29-31 October, p.223 (October 2015)

Doctoral Dissertations Advised

  • Investigation of genetic markers related to hip dysplasia in service dogs bred in Turkey (December 2017)
  • The investigation of the effects of the markers (E2JW, E2FB) of exon 2 in LEP gene and (TG5) in the 5 'promoter region in TG gene on the meat quality of the Black-and-White Holstein Cattle (October 2015)

Master`s Theses Advised

  • The Identification of the rs110968631 SNP in Ghrelin Gene in Turkish Grey Steppe Cattle Using ARMS-PCR and PCR-RFLP Methods.Trakya University, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology and Genetics. Thesis prepared: Sertaç ATALAY (June 2015)


  • "The Investigation of the UoG-CAST, CAPN1 316 and 4751 CAPN1 Marker Genotypes in Turkish Grey Cattle" Project Number: TUBAP-2013-109 Leader: Süleyman KÖK Researchers: Sertaç ATALAY, Hasan Semih EKEN, Mustafa SAVAŞÇI (January 2015)