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International Articles

  • Usta, I. and Ünsar, S. (2015), "Examining Perception of Organizational Creativity in Turkish Public Organizations", International Journal Of Business and Social Science, Vol.6 No.10, p.227-236. (October 2015)

International Conference Proceedings

  • Usta, I. and Çalıyurt, K. (2016), "Women on Corporate Boards of Directors: Examining of Top 100 Companies of 2016 Fortune 500 Ranking in Turkey ", 7th International Balkan Countries Women and Business Conference, 9-11 November, Prizren, Kosova (November 2016)
  • Usta, I. (2016). A Research on Examining Employees’Subjective Well-Being and Work Alienation. XI. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1-4 September, Rome, Italy. (September 2016)
  • Usta, I. (2015), "The Effect of Demographic Characteristics on Perception of Nepotism: A Research on Academicians", vııı. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Science, 3-6 September, Serbia, Belgrade. (September 2015)
  • Usta, I. and Ünsar S. (2014), "Culturel Diversity in Educational Organizations: An Empirical Study", 9nd International Balkan Education and Science Congress, Edirne, Turkey. (October 2014)
  • Usta, I., Küçükaltan, D., (2013), “Rewarding and Reward Management: A Research on The Five Star Hotels in Istanbul, IV. International Tourism Congress The Image and Sustainability of Turist Destianations, Penicche, Portugal. (November 2013)

National Conference Proceedings

  • Karalar, S. and Usta, I. (2016), "A Research on Reviewing the Relationship Between Perceived Participative Climate and Organizational Dissent", 15. National Business Congress, 26-28 May, Istanbul.
  • Usta,I. and Karalar, S. (2016),"The Effect of Organizational Justice Perception on Intention of Revenge in Organizations: A Research on Research Assistants", 15. National Business Congress, 16-28 May, Istanbul.

National Books and Book Chapters

  • Psychotechnics in Human Resources (September 2015)
  • Organizational Alienation in Tourism (June 2014)