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International Articles

  • Comprasion of tax Audit Practices in Turkey and United States of America (June 2019)
  • The Importance of Basic Financial Statements Analysis In Effective Tax Auditing (December 2018)

International Conference Proceedings

  • Remuneration, Declaration and Cashing Recycling Participation Shares for Plastic Bag in Turkey as part of Environmental Protection and Pollution Control (March 2019)
  • Economic Effects of Public Sectör Borrowing (December 2018)
  • Independent Auditor in Turkey: Its today and future (November 2018)
  • Independent Auditing in Turkey, Today and Past (September 2018)
  • Should Municipalities Be Authorised For Tax İnspection? A Suggestion. (May 2018)
  • Things To Pay Attention At Tax And Accounting Control (May 2018)