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  • B. Ozdemir, L. Ozdemir, O. Hatipolgu, E. Tabakoglu, G. Altiay, Cisplatin-Dependent Nephrotoxicity in Patients with Lung Cancer,TURK ONKOLOGI DERGISI-TURKISH JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY, vol. 31, pp. 15-17, 2016
  • D. K. Kurtoglu, N. Tastekin, M. Birtane, E. Tabakoglu, N. Sut, Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Auxiliary Respiratory Muscles in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treated in the Intensive Care Unit, TURKIYE FIZIKSEL TIP VE REHABILITASYON DERGISI-TURKISH JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, vol. 61, pp. 12-17, 2015 (March 2015)
  • G. Perincek, E. Tabakoglu, O. N. Pamuk, Massive Alveolar Hemorrhage During Wegener Granulomatosis: a Case Report, BALKAN MEDICAL JOURNAL, vol. 28, pp. 463-465, 2011 (December 2011)
  • E. Tabakoglu, T. Caglar, O. N. Hatipoglu, G. Atliay, E. C. Edis, N. Sut, The Influence of the Turkish Anti-Tobacco Law on Primary School Children in Edirne, BALKAN MEDICAL JOURNAL, vol. 28, pp. 425-428, 2011 (December 2011)
  • Selcuk, Ziya Toros; Demir, Ahmet Ugur; Tabakoglu, Erhan; et al. PEDIATRIC ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY Volume: 21 Issue: 4 Pages: E711-E717 Part: 2 Published: JUN 2010 (June 2010)
  • Gokmen, SS Kazezoglu, C Tabakoglu, E Gungor, O Altiay, G Ture, M, The Effect of Cisplatin plus Etoposide Therapy on Serum Total and Lipid-Bound Sialic Acid Levels in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, TURKISH JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY-TURK BIYOKIMYA DERGISI Volume: 35 Issue: 3 Pages: 236-242 Published: 2010
  • .T. Z. SELÇUK, U. A. DEMIR, E. TABAKOGLU, T. CAGLAR, Prevalence of asthma and allergic diseases in primary school children in Edirne Turkey two surveys 10 years apart, Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, PEDIATRIC ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY, vol. 21, no. 4p2, pp. 711-717, 6, 2010.
  • Edis, EC Tabakoglu, E Caglar, T Hatipoglu, ON Cevirme, L Alagol, A, Treatment of a primary pulmonary alveolar proteinosis case with severe hypoxaemia by using segmental lavage technique, ANNALS ACADEMY OF MEDICINE SINGAPORE Volume: 36 Issue: 10 Pages: 871-872 Published: OCT 2007 (October 2007)
  • Ozlen, B Ozdemir, L Yoruk, Y Altiay, G Tabakoglu, E Hatipoglu, ON, A case of ruptured hydatid cyst with upper lobe localization that imitated active lung tuberculosis, Conference: 27th Annual Congress of TUSAD Location: Antalya, TURKEY Date: OCT 19-23, 2005 TRAKYA UNIVERSITESI TIP FAKULTESI DERGISI Volume: 24 Issue: 2 Pages: 146-149 Published: AUG 2007 (August 2007)
  • Gokmen, SS Kazezoglu, C Tabakoglu, E Altiay, G Gungoer, O Ture, M, The importance of serum total and lipid-bound sialic acid as markers in patients with small cell and non-small cell lung carcinoma, Conference: 18th National Congress of Biochemistry Location: Trabzon, TURKEY Date: MAY 15-19, 2004 TRAKYA UNIVERSITESI TIP FAKULTESI DERGISI Volume: 24 Issue: 2 Pages: 101-108 Published: AUG 2007 (August 2007)
  • Ozdemir, L Tabakoglu, E Hatipoglu, ON Altiay, G Ozlen, B Ciftci, A Caglar, T, Socioeconomic features and predisposing factors in patients with bronchiectasis, Conference: 8th Annual Congress of the Thoracic-Society Location: Antalya, TURKEY Date: APR 27-MAY 01, 2005 Sponsor(s): Thorac Soc TRAKYA UNIVERSITESI TIP FAKULTESI DERGISI Volume: 24 Issue: 2 Pages: 98-100 Published: AUG 2007 (August 2007)
  • Edis, EC Tabakoglu, E Caglar, T Hatipoglu, ON Altiay, G, Skin prick test results in patients from Thrace region presenting with pulmonary symptoms, TRAKYA UNIVERSITESI TIP FAKULTESI DERGISI Volume: 24 Issue: 1 Pages: 12-16 Published: APR 2007 (April 2007)
  • .G. ALTIAY, C. ABDULLAH, M. A. DEMIR, Z. KOÇAK, N. SÜT, E. TABAKOGLU, N. O. HATIPOGLU, C. TUNCAY, High Plasma d dimer Level is Associated with Decreased Survival in Patients with Lung Cancer, Clinical Oncology, vol. 19, no. 7, pp. 494-498, 9, 2007.
  • Hatipoglu, ON Hanci, E Tabakoglu, E Altiay, G Cermik, TF Caglar, T, A new clinical model in pulmonary embolism and its correlation with V/P scan results, CLINICAL AND APPLIED THROMBOSIS-HEMOSTASIS Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 344-351 Published: JUL 2006 (July 2006)
  • Goksel, T Hatipoglu, ON Ozturk, C Gorguner, M Kiyik, M Yilmaz, U Guzelant, A Tasbakan, S Tabakoglu, E Firat, H Tutar, U Cikrikicioglu, S Akkoclu, A Soyer, S Cakir, E Itil, O Sanal, S, A prospective, multicentre clinical trial comparing cisplatin plus gemcitabine with cisplatin plus etoposide in patients with locally advanced and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, RESPIROLOGY Volume: 10 Issue: 4 Pages: 456-463 Published: SEP 2005 (September 2005)
  • Kaya, M Cermik, TF Tabakoglu, E Kutucu, Y, Renal uptake on lung perfusion scintigraphy in a patient with primary pulmonary hypertension, CLINICAL NUCLEAR MEDICINE Volume: 30 Issue: 5 Pages: 329-330 Published: MAY 2005 (May 2005)
  • Tabakoglu, E Ciftci, S Hatipoglu, ON Altiay, G Caglar, T, Levels of superoxide dismutase and malondialdehyde in primary spontaneous pneumothorax, Conference: ERS 2002 Annual Congress Location: Stockholm, SWEDEN Date: 2002 Sponsor(s): ERS MEDIATORS OF INFLAMMATION Volume: 13 Issue: 3 Pages: 209-210 Published: JUN 2004 (June 2004)
  • Tabakoglu, E Kaya, M Kutucu, Y Ozdemir, L, Alveolar epithelial permeability in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax as determined by Tc-99m DTPA aerosol scintigraphy, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Volume: 18 Issue: 4 Pages: 303-307 Published: JUN 2004 (June 2004)
  • Kaya, M Salan, A Tabakoglu, E Aydogdu, N Berkarda, S, The bronchoalveolar epithelial permeability in house painters as determined by Tc-99m DTPA aerosol scintigraphy, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Volume: 17 Issue: 4 Pages: 305-308 Published: JUN 2003 (June 2003)
  • Kaya, M Salan, A Tabakoglu, E Aydogdu, N Yuksel, M Salihoglu, YS Yigitbas, ON Berkarda, S, Comparison with clearance of Tc-99m DTPA aerosol, and CO diffusing capacity, and lung function test in house painters, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE Volume: 28 Issue: 8 Supplement: S Pages: 1130-1130 Meeting Abstract: PS212 Published: AUG 2001 (August 2001)

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