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SCI-SSCI or SCI Expanded Articles

  • “Analysis of the effect of production process parameters and density of expanded polystyrene insulation boards on mechanical properties and thermal conductivity”

International Articles

  • "An Investigation For Indoor Environmental Quality In High-Rise Residential Buildings" (June 2017)
  • Investigation of Thermal Comfort Conditions in Higher Education Facilities: A Case Study for Engineering Faculty in Edirne, 6/2017 page :71-79. (January 2017)

International Conference Proceedings

  • Investigation of Edirne Ekmekçizade Ahmet Pasha Caravanserai in Terms of Refunctioning (October 2017)
  • The Effects Of Buıldıng Physıcs Problems On Neıghbourhood” (April 2017)
  • "The Use of Beams in Traditional Masonry Structures of Anatolia and Thrace" (December 2016)
  • “Investigation Of The Heat Performance İn Education Facilities”, (November 2016)
  • “Construction and Architecture Students’ Perceptions of Renewable Energy and Determination of Awareness Level of Its Usage”, 6th International Conference Protection of Natural Resources and Environmental Management: The Main Tools for Sustainability (PRONASEM), November 11-13, 2016, Romanian Academy Bucharest/Romania. (November 2016)
  • "Interaction of Building Material and Environment Cycle Process" (May 2015)
  • "Legal Restrictions Building Envelope In Terms Of Energy Performance" (April 2015)
  • "Thermal Analysis Of Thermal Bridges Of Concrete Beams in Buildings" (November 2014)
  • Revival of Historical Areas: Example of Edirne/Karaaağaç (May 2014)
  • “Re-Use In Edırne Cıty Centre:Harbıye Barrack / Archıtecture Faculty” (April 2014)

International Conferences and Symposiums

  • Investigation Of Environmental İmpacts and Sustainable Architecture In Terms Of The Edirne Technical High School (October 2016)

National Articles

  • The Investigation of Thermal Comfort Conditions in University Buildings: The Sample of Architecture Faculty , (June 2017)
  • Investigation Temperature And Humidity Performance At The Limestone Walls (June 2016)
  • Thermal Performance Comparison of Wall Sections Used in EPS ICF Wall System and Conventional Costruction Systems

National Conference Proceedings


Master`s Theses Advised

  • "Investigation of roof element as material and structure In terms of energy efficiency and sustainability" (January 2017)
  • "Effects Of Indoor Environmental Quality On Energy Efficiency And Occupant Comfort İn High-Rise Residential Buildings" (January 2017)

Referee Positions

  • Parameters That Effect Efficiency In Heat Insulatıon And A Suggestion For System Design For Heat Insulation Applications In Turkey, International Refereed Journal Of Design And Architecture, January / February / March / April 2016 Issue: 07. (April 2016)
  • The Effect Of Material Properties Isolation System On Thermal Bridge Behavior, Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences.
  • Investigation of Clay Bound Exterior Plaster Properties on Mud-Walls in Diyarbakir Region, İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi A+ArchDesign Dergisi


  • Investigation of the Indoor Comfort Conditions in Educational Buildings (September 2016)