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International Articles

  • Arda, D., Demirbilek, S., Kavak, S., "The Effect Of Steganography And Secret Image Sharing Scheme To The Security Of Cryptographic Key", Materials, Methods & Technologies, Volume 11, ISSN: 1314-7269, 474-483, (July 2017) (July 2017)
  • Application of secret sharing scheme with MDS codes defined over GF(2^n) (March 2013)

International Conference Proceedings

  • An Applıcatıon Of Secret Sharıng Scheme And Text Steganography For Cryptographıc Key Securıty (November 2013)
  • Secret sharing scheme based on MDS Codes defined over Prime Finite Field (November 2013)
  • Cryptographic Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme and Relations with Reed Solomon Codes (November 2009)
  • A research about European and USA communication system for 3G (November 2008)
  • Secret Sharing Schemes in Cryptographic Key Management Problem (November 2008)
  • Performance Comparasion between English and Turkish Alphabet according to the Cryptanalaysis of the Affine Ciphers (November 2007)
  • High Dimensional Model Representation Based Data Partitioning Implementations Via Parallel Computations (September 2006)
  • Effect of the Differentiation on the Additivity of High Dimensional Model Representation (September 2006)