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  • Turkish Culture In Macedonia From The Ottomans Until Today And The Ipmortance Of Macedonia In Turkish Cultural History / 351-388
  • Peace, Brotherhood And Friendship Themes At The Works Of Contemporary Macedonian Turkish Writers And Poets At The Centenary Year Of The First World War /109-137 (July 2015)
  • Macedonian Cities And Their Characteristics Which Are Regarded As Cultural Centres According To Ottoman Sources / 63-102 (July 2014)

International Conference Proceedings

  • "Affinity of Turkish between other Balkan languages and Turkish as a Balkan language", 4th Annual Conference of the Balkan Universities Association "Collaboration between Universities and Cultural Coexistence - a premise for a sustainable platform in overall Balkan area", 30-31 March 2018, University of Tetova, Tetova, Macedonia. (March 2018)