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SCI-SSCI or SCI Expanded Articles

  • Mechanism of micelle formation in solution dodecyl sulfate and cetyltrimetylammoniumbromide , (January 1998)

International Conferences and Symposiums

  • Effect of salts and alcohol on surfactant solution (November 2007)
  • Conductometric analysis of micellar properties of ionic surfactants in acetonitrile-water mixtures (October 2006)
  • Effect of hexanol on micelle formation. (August 1995)

National Conferences and Symposiums

  • Linkers on microemulsions. (August 2012)
  • Linkers importance in microemulsions. (June 2009)
  • Conduntometric analysıs of micellar properties of ionic surfactants in acetonitrile-watwr mixtures. (October 2005)
  • Microemulsion formation on anyonic and non ionic surfactant mixture . (July 2004)