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Dr. Nese Akis is an Associate Professor with tenure in Immunology at the Trakya University (TU). She obtained her Ph.D. in 1996 from University of Istanbul (UI), where she studied endothelial cell response to insults. During her postdoc at UPenn, she studied nephritogenic endothelial antigens, and then her interests turned to atheroprotective gene response, a central focus of her present research at the TU. Her group studies protective gene expression of endos under diabetes stress. She has interests also in evolution of ikaros and RNA-based defence systems.

Dr. Akis obtained her BChE Degree in 1980 form UI, and received a job training in industry on organic coatings till 1985. After moving to Istanbul School of Medicine (SOM) at UI, she received job training in a serology laboratory, gained experience on laboratory medicine of immunology, established a diagnostic complementology laboratory, and studied Salmonella OMP antigens in her research for master's thesis (1989). During her predoctoral trainings she studied biochemistry of complements at the Institue of Enzymology-Budapest, and antiidiotypic HBV vaccines at the Institut Pasteur-Paris. During her postdoctoral trainings she studied also BR3E4 antiidiotypic cancer vaccine under phase-I trial at the Wistar Institute, and DNA-PKcs mutations in leaky scid mice at the FCCC. She audited project management focused courses at the Wharton School between 1999-2002. In 2003 she was appointed as a faculty member by the Halic University Dept.Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG), where she developed some courses and her reserach program. She taught human physiology and bionformatics also in Bogazici University MBG to bachelor's students between 2003-2005 as an associated lecturer. After moving to SOM at TU in 2006 she developed some lectures and her research programs, and established a graduate program in immunology. In 2012-2013 she received a sabbatical training on miRNAs at FAU Erlangen-N. She has 503 citations; and her tangiable properties are four anti-bradykinin antibodies (UI DETAM, 1996) and three glomerular cell lines (UPenn CTT TechID: O2748, 2002). She holds certifications in associated professorship in immunology and high school teachership in chemistry, both signed by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey. She is a member of TID, ESM, EVBO, DGfI, and TMMOB-KMO; headed TID Education Group between 2012-2016; and founded a Biomedics Working Group at the KMO-İstanbul Branch in 1988.

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SCI-SSCI or SCI Expanded Articles

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  • Akis N, C. Andl, D. Zhou, “A Mixed Hemadsorption Assay for Detection of Cell Surface Binding Anti-tumor Antibodies in Human Sera“, J Immunol Methods, 261, 119-127 (January 2002)

International Books and Book Chapters

  • Herlyn, D., B. Birebent, N. Akis, E. Purev, R. Somasundaram, E. Mitchell, H. Maguire, L. Staib, M. Mastrangelo, “Colon Cancer Antigen and Anti-Idiotype Vaccines“, Cancer Chemotherapy & Biological Response Modifiers Annual 21, ed. G. Giaccone, R. Schilsky, P. Sondel, Vol. 21, 287-298, Elsiever B.V., Oxford (January 2003)

National Articles

  • Yurdakul S, N Akis, S Findik, “Transition to Adaptive Immunity”, Turkish Journal of Immunology, 11, 17-26 (January 2006)
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National Conferences and Symposiums

  • ORGANISATION: Turkish Society for Immunology XII. Regional Symposium: Immunology School (2017). SPEAKER: TİD-İO (2017). National Immunology Congress (2007-2013). CCE-İB-Biochemistry Days (2011). TÜBİTAK-MAM-GMBEA Seminars (2004-2006). Haliç Üniv. MBG Spring Symp. (2008)

Doctoral Dissertations Advised

  • Immunology PhD Programme: Dilek Tiyekli, BSc, MA (June 2016)
  • Medical Microbiology Residency Programme: Demirhan Güven, MD (April 2012)

Master`s Theses Advised

  • Immunology MSc Programme: Behzat Hashemzadeh, BA (October 2018)
  • Medical Microbiology MSc Programme: Samet Alboy, BSc (October 2012)

Editorial Positions

  • ORPHEUS/AMSE/WFME Task Force: Deckert J, Gordon D, Karle H, Lackovic Z, Lindgren S, Millan LM, et al. (Translation: Say A, Guc D, Tiyekli D, Ilhan F, Arasli M, Akis N). Avrupa'da Biyotip ve Saglik Bilimlerinde PhD Egitim Standartlari. N Akis (ed). [Internet]. Zagreb, Croatia: ORPHEUS; 2013 [accessible on 2016 July 21]. Available from, http://www.orpheus-med.org/images/stories/documents/ORPHEUS-AMSE-WFME_tur.pdf (see below) (January 2013)
  • Immunology Bulletin (1991-1996) University of İstanbul Immunology Graduate Group and Turkish Society for Immunology Joint Publication, Istanbul

Referee Positions

  • ARTICLE: Microbiological Research (2017). TJI (2017). Balkan Medical Journal (2012-2014). JCMB (2004-2005). GRANT: APSIS (2013). TÜBAP (2008). TÜBİTAK (2008, 2018)


  • Study of CD4+ T cell and Stress Protein Levels in Patients with Inflammation and Immunodeficiency (December 2019)
  • Mononuclear Cell Binding and Protective Gene Expression Responses of The Endothelial Cells Under Different Diabetes Stresses (TÜBAP, Supervision to a PhD dissertation) (June 2016)
  • Fluorescent Microscopic Investigation of Anti-apoptotic Response in Endothelial Cells Exposed to High Concentration of D-Glucose and Insulin (Halic Unv BAP, 2004; TUBAP PI) (September 2015)
  • Controlling atheroprotective gene expression by controlling expression of its specific miRNA (EFIS, Supervisor to a Research Bursary Holder; YÖK, Sabbatical Traniee) (February 2013)
  • Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus Defence Factors Acting Against Vancomycin and Meticilline Stress (TÜBAP, Supervision to a MSc thesis study) (October 2012)
  • Electrophoretyping of Stress Response Gene Expression in Salmonella (TÜBAP, Supervision to a Medical Microbiology Residency Program thesis study) (April 2012)
  • Protective Gene Expression in Diabetic Endothelial Dysfunction Model (TÜBİTAK, Supervision to postdoctoral bursariy holder) (January 2010)
  • Molecular Mechanism of Renal Injury (NIH-RTG 5T32DK007006-29, Postdoctoral researcher) (January 2000)
  • Molecular Mechanism of Renal Inflammation and Injury (NIH-CG 5P50DK045191-10, Postdoctoral researcher) (January 1999)
  • Immunologic Mechanism of Lupus Nephritis (NIH-5RO1DK33694-18, Postdoctoral researcher) (January 1998)
  • B Cell Differentiation in Ig Transgenic Mice (NATO-TÜBİTAK-B1 NIH-5RO1CA004946-35, Postdoctoral bursary holder) (January 1996)
  • Monoclonal Antiidiotype Against Colorectal Cancer (NATO-TÜBİTAK-B1 NIH-3RO1CA060975-03S1, Postdoctoral bursary holder) (January 1996)
  • Bradykinin interferes with the endothelial cell and blood cells interaction of the diabetes angiopathy (Istanbul Univ, PhD dissertation) (January 1994)
  • Production of Antiidiotypic Antibody Mimicking Receptor Binding Site of Hepatitis B Virus (France Government Research Grant, Predoctoral student researcher) (January 1992)
  • Studying the antigenicity of S.typhimurium OMP by ELISA (Istanbul SOM, MSc thesis study) (January 1988)


  • Homogenous mouse glomerular endothelial (Penn Docket 02748-1), renal mesengial (Penn Docket 02748-2), and glomerular visceral epitelial (Penn Docket 02748-3) cell lines; University of Pennsylvania- Center for Technology Transfer, 2001, Philadelphia


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